10 Interesting Facts About Teeth + Infographic

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Everywhere you look, there are new trends that seem to be hitting the market, targeting people who are in search of that perfect smile. But there is so much more to teeth than just the pearly whites we all notice and long for.

It’s common knowledge that brushing and flossing daily helps keep your teeth healthy, and I’m sure your dental hygienist, or your parents when you were younger would have drummed the importance of oral hygiene into you, but here are 10 interesting facts that will really make you appreciate your teeth a lot more!

10 Interesting Facts About Your Teeth!


Interesting Facts About Teeth Infographic

1. They’re the Superman part of your body

You may not be a Wonder Woman or a Superman, but your teeth are made of Calcium and Phosphate that your bones are made up of. What makes the enamel part of your teeth (the outer covering) even stronger are certain proteins and minerals that help give added hardness and strength to your teeth, making them the hardest part of your body. This ensures that your tooth is protected.

2. Plaque is a deadly enemy

Time is plaque’s friend. The longer you leave plaque in your mouth, the worse are the results. It doesn’t take long for plaque to build up, and leaving it be for just 40 hours (which is less than 2 days of not regular brushing and flossing thoroughly), can result in the plaque mineralizing on your teeth. Within a few days, this transforms to tartar.

3. Baby Teeth need adults to fall off

Just like every child that needs a parent’s presence; baby teeth (or milk teeth) need adult or permanent teeth to take its place before it falls off. If the adult tooth doesn’t make its appearance, the baby tooth will keep hanging on.

4. Yellow teeth are a great indicator of poor oral health and hygiene

This is the first visible sign that your teeth are facing decay. Anyway, I’ve never met anyone who thought yellow teeth were attractive.

5. Your teeth are really unique

In fact, they’re so unique, they’re just like your fingerprints! If you’ve ever watched any CSI shows, you’ll notice how people are identified by their dental records.

6. There’s more to your teeth than what meets the eye

We only see one third of our teeth. The rest is hidden beneath our gum line. This means, just like an iceberg, there could be a lot happening below the surface which could be affecting your overall oral health. This is why it is important to visit your Oakville dentist regularly, so they can look for bacteria and other issues which would not be visible to us, even if we brush and floss daily.

7. Who doesn’t love healthy pearly whites?

Many studies reveal that 61% of people are attracted to others by their smile alone. Also, just another random fact thrown in – you use more muscles when you smile rather than frown. So that’s a small facial workout, while feeling good! Win win!

8. Brush, brush, brush your teeth

The simple actions of brushing daily all adds up. In fact, the average person spends 38.5 days over the course of their lifetime just for brushing their teeth!

9. Tooth decay is more common than you think

In fact, the only ailment that trumps tooth decay is the common cold. Affecting a significant number of children and young adults, it indiscriminately affects just about anyone. Bacteria that are found in your mouth work with food debris, acids and saliva to create plaque which sticks to your teeth like hard glue. This is more common in your back molars, on the edges of fillings as well as just above your teeth’s gum line.

10. A bacteria’s Home Sweet Home

Your precious mouth is home not to just one or two types of bacteria, but to over 300 types! Just plaque alone holds millions of bacteria. One main cause of poor oral health is the bacteria Streptococcus mutans which happily works with the sugars and carbs in your mouth and converts them to acids which then slowly wear away your teeth.

These are a few reasons why good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments are a must. Schedule your dental appointment today to enjoy your healthy smile for longer.

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