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Enhance your look and improve first impressions with a brighter, more radiant smile. Our teeth whitening dentist can help transform your smile in no time.

We do things a little bit different than a “normal” or “corporate” dental office!

We’re On Time

We respect your time and do everything we can to make sure your appointment starts on time.


We’re open evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy life. Call or request online.


We can assist you in submitting to your insurance providers.


We buy the best equipment and use the most advanced techniques to ensure your visit is comfortable.


We have a 4.9 star rating from our patients across every major review site.

Modern Office

We have a beautiful, modern office to ensure you are comfortable and feel at ease.

Improve the color of your teeth 2-6 shades whiter in just 1 visit!

In one treatment, teeth whitening can increase your self-esteem. You won’t be able to stop smiling after your teeth get two to six shades whiter following the first teeth whitening therapy at our dental clinic.

Teeth whitening treatments are popular, as are at-home tooth whitening kits. Elm Hill Dentistry dental office, on the other hand, provides high-quality teeth bleaching in Oakville using trained dentists. Visit our Oakville teeth whitening branch now and brighten your smile!

Oakville Teeth Whitening Services

How Much Does Teeth Whitening in Oakville Cost? The cost of an in-office teeth whitening procedure varies dramatically based on the sort of treatment selected. If you’re looking for teeth whitening products, there are several options available. Now is the best time to contact us at our Oakville office!

Key Benefits:

  • Short treatment period
  • Long-lasting results
  • Boost in self confidence
  • Instantly whiter teeth and brighter smile

We promise to always put YOU first!

We treat our patients the way we would like to be treated…

  • We promise to explain any needed treatment
  • We promise to provide you with the best options possible
  • We promise to be compassionate and understanding of your needs as an individual
  • We promise to stay current with dental advancements and new technology
  • We promise to never rush through your appointments
  • We promise to be clear on treatment costs and time
  • We promise to ensure your comfort and ease your concerns
  • We promise to supply you with a top-notch dental team
  • We promise to always do our best to meet your needs
  • We promise to be both friendly and professional

Your Mouth, Your Decisions!

Our job is to show you what we see in your mouth, educate you on your options, and let you make the best decision for yourself. We never push unnecessary treatments and always give you options.

Give us a Call!

The first step to better oral health is giving us a call to book an appointment. We offer evening and weekend appointments and have 2 locations for your convenience.

Initial Visit

During your first visit we will take some X-Rays and give you a tour of your mouth with our intra oral cameras. Then, we’ll learn about your oral health goals and give you any applicable treatment options.

Next Visit

Once you know what is going on inside of your mouth, you make the treatment decisions that are best for you. We will never be pushy or recommend treatment that you don’t need.

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Additional Information for Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is the process of using a chemical to remove stains from beneath the enamel layer. Any stains in the dentin layer, which is below the enamel, will be eliminated with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

If you’re looking for Oakville teeth whitening treatment, contact us today to book a consultation or book an appointment with us online.

We all believe that our best smiles come from having particularly white teeth, but soft drinks, coffee, tea, and cigarettes can leave unsightly stains and discoloured teeth. Our teeth whitening services can leave you more confident with a brighter smile.

Over-the-counter treatments, whitening trays, and even at-home methods for brighter teeth pale in comparison to professional treatments.



Teeth whitening options are available to almost everyone. If you have crowns or bonding, or dental implants on your teeth, however, it may be tough to find a match, and need to be replaced.


The results of professional teeth whitening can last 2-5 years but gradually your teeth may become stained as a result of diet, certain foods, etc. Discolored teeth and surface stains can become more apparent for a variety of different reasons. It’s important to contact us to remove surface stains and get your pearly whites back to your natural colour.


The appointment will take approximately an hour and a half but you’re invited to sit back and relax during the whitening process while we brighten your smile.

New Patients Are Always Welcome!

(905) 842-1552

New Patients Always Welcome!

Please give us a call at 1-905-842-1552 or fill out the form below to ask a question or book an appointment.

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